Friday, January 6, 2017


I started studying on the Hogeschool van Amsterdam and chose the perfect course to express creativity. At least that’s what I’ve been told the first three years. Yes, it was a management course in Human Resources. In the beginning I was fine with it, but when years passed by I became really bored with it. I found out in the third year when I got an internship at a payroll company Human Resources was not my thing. And I quited.

Of course the three years spending there were not in vane. I learned a lot about Human Resources. 

While I did the study I DJed, organized events and produced a lot of music. My dream was there what I wanted to do. Bring people together thru music, make music and play it out loud for people. The only problem was some difficult situations in my life that prevented me from doing it.

Luckily I chose for my own career and started the long road of becoming an audio engineer/producer/DJ. 

After doing the electronic music course at SAE Amsterdam I have found the thing what I want to do. Make music, record different things, mix them and master it.

So not long after finishing the course I got the chance to do a remix for a good friend  of mine. He made a track and I got asked to do my own interpretation on it.

This wasn’t the only track I have been working on. In the electronic music course at SAE I made other tracks as well. I made a track called Mist. It’s a track made with some mystic sounding scapes in there all the way thru. With a steady beat groove underneath it keeps on rolling, untill the melodic stab sequence hits, you get euphoric (at least I am).

I like games a lot, as most people do. I used to play a game on the Sony Playstation (first gen), called Legend of Dragoon. In there the characters called their attack out loud after hitting the enemies on screen. So I thought it would be nice to sample the vocal and use it. Luckily for me the samples are given away for free, so that made my life easier implement it in the track.

For the two original tracks I did the the sounddesign, mixing and mastering all by myself. The remixed track I only did the sounddesign and mixing.

After reading this it may be noticed that I make techno music with a rolling, steady groove topped of with atmospheric strings and pads ready for the dancefloor. This is what I have been doing up till now musicwise.

As mentioned before I also organized events on the beach of Almere and the different clubs Almere has to offer. I only do the event on the beach once a year, because it takes a lot of time to organize it. I obviously learned a lot from doing this. Like getting in contact with the government, acounting, networking, being creative and of course play music.


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