Friday, January 6, 2017

Blog 4: Goals for 2017 and further...

I thought it would be nice to write about what kind of goals I set for myself to accomplish this year. Got a few of them I wanted to share with the world, so sit tight, grab a drink, maybe some cravity cravings and keep on reading!

First goal I have in 2017 is finishing up my EP. It’s called Blue Sun/Bolder EP and consists of two tracks. Both are almost ready for mixdown and need a little bit more tweaking in the sounddesign part.

Second goal is of course graduating from SAE with excellent grades, new friends, more experience and a new road ahead in the world of audio. This year I want to record some bands, learning microphone placement, how rooms work, mix acoustic soundsources and learn how to proper master a track.  I know most of the theory, but doing is still on my agenda. With the experience I have gained from SAE my ambition is to start up my own company to do mixdowns and mastering services.  The perfect year to exploit myself and pushing it to the limit.

The third goal is  to start up a Youtube channel with our podcast series named Drone Existence to explain different topics about creating techno music. Some topics how to layer a kick, how does a certain plugin work, how does a synthsizer work, analog vs digital equipment and so on.

I got a few more, but those I will save up for another day!


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