Friday, January 6, 2017

Blog 1: The History of Me

Let’s start with my name; Kelvin de Bruijn. I was born on the beautiful date the 26th of May 1988 and raised in a town called Naarden and moved to the ‘concrete’ city called Almere on my thirteenth lifeyear.

I always had a interest in electronic music. Mostly because it sounded different than natural sounding instruments (guitars, flutes, harps etc) and it felt imperfect, but still warm and defined. Of course this doesn’t mean I don’t like songs with natural sounding instruments.

When I grew up I listened to lots of music. In the beginning mostly what my parents were listening and that was more about 80/90’s stuff. I believe it’s genre is called Eurorave, but I don’t no for sure. What’s in a genres name right?

After that I had a time that I was listening a lot to Metal, Rock, Punk and that kind of stuff.  I really loved it when there was a good guitar solo in the song. I’m not good at remebering track/artist names so that’s a thing to learn in the future.

Then I decided I liked Drum & Bass, Psy Trance, (Real) Progressive House which had a major impact on my life as a listener of music. I really loved the sounds in some of the tracks and the movement of the sound.  It really blew me away how everything came together.

Even that time came to an end and I started listening to the harderstyles of electronic music. At that point I attended a lot of raves at got inflicted with the DJ virus. I bought my first DJ equipment and started to experiment with manipulating music in the form of making mixtapes. Of course those were full of Hardstyle and Hardcore music.

Time passed again and I got bored with the genre, because I felt time stood still in the development of the music. I felt like every single one has the same build, same techniques used, same kicks and so on.

In the mean time I was also listening to a lot of techno and all it’s subgenres. I felt like the music moved and never stood still. It had the most interesting way of interpretating sound. So that’s why I decided to DJ techno from that time on.

With only DJing, you most of the time don’t make it in the world of music. So I started to produce my own tracks, which weren’t really good at the time. I lacked the skills of mixing, understanding audio and implement that in my idea’s.  I tried to enroll for the Herman Brood Academie, but they said I didn’t have the skills yet. So I thought well fuck them I don’t take no for an answer and enrolled for SAE Amsterdam the Electronic Music Course. Here I learned a lot about the creating, crafting and dealing with problems in the mix. Not to forget I got a major creative boost, because I now know how to get idea’s into action.

After graduating on the Electronic Music Course I figured out I want to know more about audio. So that’s when I decided to do the full course of SAE’s audio engineering course. And that’s where we are now!

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